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Discover the fantastic treatments of the Gerard's line

The rituals of the Gerard's line offer you a unique emotion, to be lived alone or together with those you love. Let yourself be wrapped by the scents and aromas of distant lands and enjoy a unique relaxation.


Our wellness rituals

Inspired by the paradisiacal island of Java, this is the rebalancing and multisensory treatment which cradle your body in the waves of its unpolluted sea and the melodies of its luxuriant nature.

The exfoliating mousse facilitates the cell regeneration, leaving the skin smooth and compact; the Balinese massage with yogurt nourishes and moisturizes the skin deeply.

The main benefits of this ritual are: exfoliation and deep hydration of the skin, reducing of the stress and balancing of the energy, stimulation of the cutaneous microcirculation and relief from muscle tension.

Ritual aromatherapy treatment with essential oils. It purifies and cleans the skin, it is relaxing and harmonizing, it increases oxygenation and stimulates the elimination of excess fluids and toxins.

The skin is deeply hydrated, hydrogenated, lighted and compact. The detoxified body is ready to receive the next treatments. It is always indicated before a wellness ritual or a reshaping path.

Sweet almond oil, coconut oil and Karitè butter: the best that nature has created takes the form of a candle.

Its flame melts these precious ingredients that, through the massage, nourish, tone up and deeply moisturize the body.

The massage is customized according to the guest's needs, choosing from relaxing, toning, draining or remodeling techniques.

A perfect synergy of wellness and beauty which, thank to the powerful action of Acacia honey of the Garda orchards, moisturizes, nourishes and restructures the skin.

The manual pumping and kneading reactivate the micro-circulation of the skin, eliminating water retention and localized fat.

It is the anti-gravity body treatment which takes advantage of the extraordinary properties of soya and it stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers. It compacts and makes the loose tissues apparently emptied more elastic with an amazing push-up effect.

It is inspired by the ancient savonage from Maghreb, it is a wonderful purifying and anti-aging ritual that uses the properties of pure and precious raw materials: the Aleppo soap and Argan oil. The skin is visibly more luminous, velvety and moisturized.

It is the holistic treatment for excellence, whose secret is being kept in precious Potali of Tibet mixture, Himalayan stones and Dead Sea salts, gently applied and massaged all over the body.

The purifying power of salt, combined with the magnetic warmth of ancient stones, exerts a relaxing, purifying and rebalancing action. The skin is smooth, polished and re-mineralized, the contractures are dissolved, the body and mind are invaded by a widespread state of well-being.