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Relaxation and wellness in our massage center


Enjoy alone or with somebody a massage: at our Wellness Center & Spa La Fenice you can choose between different types.


Our massages in detail

The bio-energetic massage pursues the aim of identifying the most tense or blocked areas of the body in order to restore an energy balance.

It diverges from other types of massage because it is based on the synchronicity between contact and breathing and on how to perform some pressure on specific points of the body, alternating the body pressure to other movements.

It is a combination of specific operations that will give relief to those who suffer from back or body pain in the case of a total body massage.

It is a great way to harmonize the energies of the couple. It is a treatment that carries out simultaneously by two operators on two beds in the same massage room, to recover the perfect synchronism between the two clients.

Gentle lightly massage, it acts on the lymphatic circulation, it drains the excess fluid from the tissues, it moves and removes toxins.

It is run by two operators and it provides a perfect synchrony of movements in order to enhance the sense of wellness and to ensure a complete relaxation.

It is performed using oils, gestures and movements that tend to recreate harmony, just as the Pacific waves brushing the shores of the Hawaiian lands.

It is a holistic therapy which has the aim to operate a "rebalancing of the whole body in order to stimulate the self-healing capabilities".

It is ideal for those who want to get completely rid of daily stress, finding the harmony of the senses and the lost energy. It is an anti-stress massage that allows you to loosen muscles from daily tensions giving a pleasant feeling of peace.