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Take care of your skin with natural products

The facials performed in our cabins are made with "Naturalia" products and realized in full observance of strict protocols.


The details of our facials

Facial cleansing treatment to cleanse and deeply purify the skin and prepare it to a specific treatment or a series of treatments.

The cleaning, after a phase of deep cleansing, is followed by the application of a highly moisturizing and decongestant mask.

Later, a special light nourishing, illuminating and refreshing mask will be applied, which will diminish any redness caused by peeling.

Finally, the time challenge ends the treatment, it is a nourishing and restorative action of damages from photo aging.

After a first phase of cleansing and toning of the face, it will be applied an exfoliating cream with a microspheres base.

The most important stage of the treatment is the pH rebalancing, through the application of special vanishing.

The treatment will end with the drafting of elasticity moisturizer.

After a first phase of skin rehydration, the face will be regenerated by applying the gradually LIFTO hd bottle based on DHEA, hyaluronic acid and six plant extracts with a stimulating action which will give to the skin an immediate elasticity with an anti-aging effect.

After the cleansing and toning of the skin, there is a deeply peeling.

The next step consists in the rebalancing of the pH and the application of a bio lightening gel that will be applied on the face.

Then, it will be applied a bio restructuring mask and immediately after that, an emulsion of water and oil with protein and antioxidants mineral salts.

The operator will identify the most suitable mask depending on skin type: algomask green for all skin types, algomask gold for mature skins which are marked, dull and stressed.

After cleansing and toning skin, there will be a deep exfoliation and the application of the appropriate algomask

After the cleansing and toning of the skin, there will be a deep peeling and the restoration of the physiological pH.

The heart of the treatment is the volumizing and detoxifying filler action of the pure et lisse phial.

The treatment continues with a face and eyes mask and it ends with an emulsion water/oil with protein and antioxidants mineral salts.

After the cleansing and toning of the skin, a mixture of mineral and vegetable extracts with a rehydrating and strongly anti-aging power is applied on the face.

The heart of the treatment is the application of the top line made with beta-glucan concentrate obtained from brewer's yeast which has shown the correlation between the immune system and skin aging.