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Cuddle your body with natural products

The body treatments performed inside our cabins are made with "Naturalia" products and realized in a full observance of strict protocols.


The details of our body treatments

With its innovative natural laser technology, Bio-Active Laser Body makes you loose those extra inches in the most critical areas of the body, it reduces the silhouette as never before and detoxes the body.

It also activates the cell repair mechanism, it corrects the typical cellulite blemishes and it tonifies the skin.

The treatment guarantees 8 cm in the first session (as a total including abdomen, hips, gluteus and thighs)!

For those who suffer from water retention, edema and more difficult blemishes.

The skin is prepared by an exfoliation and then it will be moisturized with a cream based on caffeine and green tea.

The heart of the treatment is the reducing bandages that activate lipolysis, they drain the remnants of metabolism and they reactivate the microcirculation.

It is ideal for those with localized fat and infiltrated tissue with microcirculation problems.

The skin will be prepared with cleansing and exfoliation. Then specific products are applied according to the type of blemish. The treatment concludes with specific creams.

It is suitable for those suffering from deep blemishes such as cellulite.

The skin is cleaned and prepared with a mousse massaging until absorption, then the treated area is wrapped with plastic film by taking posing about 15 minutes.

Then, the area is treated with an intensive serum that boosts the lipolytic effect, it drains and it activates microcirculation. Once the exposure time is over, a specific anti-cellulite massage is made. 

Suitable for those who suffer from water retention problems and poor oxygenation of the tissue.

After cleansing and exfoliated the skin, a bandage is applied: a mix of valuable trace elements activated by a thermal/detox water. It is keep in place for 40 minutes.

Once the wrap is removed, a few drops of basic dry are applied to affected areas to increase the draining action.

Suitable for a firming intensive intervention, in case of breast tissue relaxation.

Treatment indicated for pre-menopausal women with water retention and circulatory problems. Since the first 3 sessions, you notice the reduction in centimeters in the treated areas.